Pakistani Users Can Now Earn Money on Instagram

Pakistani influencers can finally start earning through Instagram now that our country is legible for monetization on the platform. The social network giant has quietly added Pakistan to its list of regions that can earn money through brand deals, ads, and more.

You can check it out if you head over to settings on your Instagram app. Simply make your way through Account > Branded content > Status. Here it will show you that you are eligible for monetization, meaning you can use Instagram to earn money.

This is a server-side update, so it should be available for everyone already without having to manually update the app.

This should allow a multitude of Pakistani content creators to start a career on the platform. Millions of people in the country use Instagram and a lot of them follow Pakistani influencers as well. Actors and artists already have a name for themselves and should have no issues finding business on the platform. Even newcomers looking to become influencers now have a solid incentive to start working on the idea.

However, Instagram makes sure to inform all influencers that their content needs to comply with its monetization policies to stay eligible. Not all content appropriate for Instagram is necessarily appropriate for monetization.

For instance, you cannot earn money through static videos that show an image with little to no motion. Slideshows of images are not allowed either and neither are looping videos, text montages, embedded ads, or static image polls asking people to react to questions posed by the content.

Explicit, harmful, or controversial content is not allowed and neither is spreading misinformation, misleading content, unoriginal content, or copyrighted material.

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Written by Nauman

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