Intel to come up with WiFi 7 in 2024? Read on to know the complete story

Nowadays, almost every smartphone, tablet, and laptop come with WiFi technology. Although WiFi 6 and 6E are the latest in broadband internet, these are still limited to select devices. However, this low adoption rate seems to have not deterred the semiconductor giant Intel from moving on to the next generation of WiFi, namely WiFi 7.

In a video on their newsroom channel, Intel in partnership with Broadcom has shown off WiFi 7 which can achieve speeds of up to 5Gbps. This is almost 5 times faster than the 1Gbps WiFi 6 and 25 times faster than WiFi 5. An intel-powered laptop with support for WiFi 7 using a Broadcom access point router, was used to demonstrate this 5Gbps speed. The speed remained stable and steady throughout the entire demonstration.

Why WiFi 7?

The WiFi 7 will provide faster speeds and deliver to greater network capacity. It will bring even lower latencies, increase reliability and give better privacy and security. With faster speeds and low latencies, one would be able to share files in seconds. WiFi connection will be stable and your entire home will be equally adept for gaming. Lower latencies are most useful.

“The reduced latencies will be invaluable for immersive experiences over WiFi, with the most obvious applications being online gaming and reduced latency for wireless VR headsets. For media streamers, it also opens up the eye-popping possibility of UHD 16K resolution high fps streaming,” Broadcom explains.

WiFi 7 Vs Other WiFis

The WiFi 7 will set new standards when compared to previous WiFi technologies. It will have tri-band operations, under 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequencies. It will allow for an even higher number of multi-device connections across WiFi 7 without much interference as compared to the single-band operation and dual-band operation.

The technology behind WiFi 7 includes wider 320MHz channels in the unlicensed 6GHz spectrum, higher order 4K QAM data modulation, and the upcoming WPA4 network security encryption standard.

WiFi 7 in 2024?

In their latest press release, Intel has confirmed that they hope to deploy and supply WiFi 7 modems in Intel-powered laptops starting in 2024, and the documents also reiterate the 4 main pillars of improvement for the next generation of WiFi.

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