Ufone 4G Launches Real-Time Weather Update Service ‘WeatherWalay’

Ufone 4G has launched an ‘accurate’ weather update service ‘WeatherWalay’ to facilitate customers, especially with regard to the monsoon season and extensive flooding that has affected every province across the country.

The service has been introduced as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), where customers can call 3392 and obtain precise details of the weather and any changes in it over periods of 24 hours, 72 hours, and even a week within the city or other areas in Pakistan.

Curated by a team of expert meteorologists led by Dr. Muhammad Hanif, WeatherWalay is being offered free of cost until the 30th of September to assist customers and ensure safer commutes.

CEO of WeatherWalay stated: “We believe that positive outcomes for the climate change journey can only be expected if all stakeholders, including the private sector, join hands to deliver meaningful outcomes for Pakistan. The Telecom sector has a strong role to play in it and Ufone is the first to provide this critical service to its customers.”

Commenting on the development, Ufone’s spokesperson stated: “We have recently witnessed the severe impact of extensive climate changes that are occurring not just in Pakistan, but around the world. At a time like this, it is imperative that individuals and families stay updated about weather conditions so they can plan their travel and daily routines accordingly.”

“We are honored to further our efforts in facilitating customers through the WeatherWalay service, which comes in handy not just for flood-affected regions, but locals across Pakistan as well,” the spokesperson added.

In these challenging times, Ufone is going above and beyond with the service as the communication center not only provides current weather updates but also notifies the caller of any sudden changes in the climate of the area they inquire about. This is done through a follow-up call in case any updates are received in this regard.

The weather update service is currently only available on call but will soon be expanded for subscription through SMS and USSD.

Ufone 4G, as a socially responsible Pakistani corporate entity, has launched numerous initiatives to assist its valuable customers, especially those who are affected by the floods that are wreaking havoc across Pakistan.

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Written by Nauman

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