iPhone 15 series will be the most powerful in 2023 with 3nm A17 chipset

iPhone 15 series will be the most powerful in 2023 with 3nm A17 chipset

Hear me out, if you don’t go for the iPhone 14 series, the upcoming iPhone 15 series will be the most powerful handset next year. The next-gen iPhone 15 series due to arrive in the last quarter of 2023 will feature an Apple A17 Bionic chipset made on a 3nm node that will succeed iPhone 14 Pro’s 5nm A16 Bionic chipsets far away.

iPhone 15 will be the most powerful in 2023

According to the report published by PhoneArena, it has been reported that iPhone 15 Pro models will arrive with the most powerful chipset in 2023. Manufactured by none other than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (or TSMC), the upcoming 3nm chipset will be based on its N3E node and will be released on iPhone 15 Pro for the first time. Comparatively, other smartphone brands will have to wait till 2024 to get their hands on the new chipsets based on the 3nm node.

Chronologically, Apple iPhone 15 Pro models will succeed in the performance of iPhone 14 Pro models for sure. The chipset is expected to undergo mass production soon and iPhone 15 Pro models will be the first takers in the fall of 2023. No other smartphone brands will get their hands on the chipset before the Pro models are launched.

iPhone 15 series will be the most powerful in 2023 with 3nm A17 chipset

Moving on, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC (made by TSMC), expected to be based on a 3nm node, will be the first to roll out in early 2024 for smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S24 series and so on. MediaTek’s 3nm chipset is expected to hit the market a little sooner sometime by the end of 2023 so it will be a sight to witness a comparison between the two (or three) chipsets made on the 3nm process.

Circling back to Apple launches, the iPhone 14 series is all set to launch on September 7 this year during the Apple Far Out launch event. The list of devices comprises iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro. There are a few other devices in the pipeline too although that remains to be seen. The iPhone 15 series is due to arrive during the same period next year with the A17 Bionic chip.

Additionally, iPhone 14 series production in India is running at least six weeks behind China’s production at Foxconn units. Although India’s produced units are expected to reach levels that of China’s at some point the latter will still be far off. Cut to iPhone 15 series, Ming-Chi Kuo quotes that the production across both India and China will be carried on side-by-side.

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