Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Revealed

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The leading smartphone maker in India, Samsung has been stealing the show of the smartphone world for last few years. With leaked impression of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6, it has been the leader brand in the premium segment of the smart devices. And with Samsung, these device are just getting even smarter.  Yes you read it correct, Samsung has recently disclosed Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona on Sunday.


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is to incorporate the curved display. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the newer sibling is going to have the curved display along both left and right edges. As an improvement to the Note Edge, Samsung has taken care of the issue which arose due to the display being curved only on the right side, which was an inconvenience for left-handed smartphone users.

The Edge displays on the Galaxy S6 Edge aren’t working separately from the main display, as they do on the existing Galaxy Note Edge.

The publication speculates that the Edge displays might work separately only when needed — one such scenario is having the tiny vertical screens show notifications and other information when the screen is off. At all other times, they’d simply form a continuous screen together with the main display.



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Written by Nauman

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