Xiaomi To Set Foot In U.S.

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The recent inductee in the Indian telecom market and the Chinese gadget giant, Xiaomi has been making a few appearances since last year. Xiaomi has achieved its huge rise in the mobile market by just operating in China and marginally in other Asian nations. The company has positioned itself in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers without even having a worldwide sales base. However, that could be about to change this month as it is being reported that Xiaomi is set to make its debut in the US market.

It is widely expected that 2015 will be the year in which Xiaomi makes its first tentative steps into other markets, including the United States. It is unlikely that the company will debut any new smartphones, but you can expect a Xiaomi portfolio for the US market in the event to be organized at San Francisco, California. Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has revealed today that the company’s first presence in the US is imminent, an online store.


The company will open a US based online shop on its portal, although interestingly there will be no smartphones for sale initially. Instead, the company will be offerings of Mi Band fitness wearable and other accessories. It remains to be seen when smartphones will join that line up. Don’t expect that portfolio to be packed, maybe one or two handsets, but it is looking increasingly likely that you will be able to by a Xiaomi in the US soon.


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