iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max likely to support 30W fast charging tech

iPhone 14 Series

As we are getting ready for the upcoming iPhone 14 series launch, there’s news around a purported 30W GaN charger in the works as well. Apparently, an unnamed brand has been sending out a 30W GaN charger to the media outlet that will arrive with iPhone 14 series albeit not in the box but rather available on a separate basis.

iPhone 14 Pro models could get up to 30W fast charging

For those who want some context, iPhone 13 Pro Max supports up to 27W fast charging albeit unofficially. All you need is an appropriate USB Power Delivery charge with 30W or more as output and you can amp up the charge to 27W on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apparently, the iPhone 13 Pro resorted to slightly lower 23W charging speeds unofficially although it is still better than the iPhone 12 Pro which had 20W charging support.

Cut to now, iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to get 30W fast charging tech support albeit unofficially thanks to the latest GaN PD charger in the works. Although it might seem like a tiny upgrade from 27W to 30W which it is, there’s no doubt that Apple is advancing in terms of charging tech given the fact that it resorted to slower charging just a few years ago.

Talking about the new charger in the works, it appears to have a new form factor. It will resort to 30W when the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max battery levels are at 0%. However, based on the typical charge curve that Apple follows, the charging speeds will be throttled to 27W to 25W to carry out juicing up according to the charge curve unless Apple is charging something around here which is highly unlikely.

So, what does a 30W fast charging support bring you to the table? When you are spending more than 1 lac INR or $1000, it’s quite logical that you’ll expect a fast charging tech among others. Although iPhones easily outperform their flagship competitors and there’s no doubt iPhone 14 series would do the same, the charging tech is something Apple misses a lot.

iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max likely to support 30W fast charging tech

My OnePlus 6 bought in 2018 had a 20W fast charging tech whereas iPhone XS Pro Max resorted to a 15W. It was only in 2019 when iPhone 11 Pro Max got an upgrade to 20W fast charging tech. Circling back to the latest updates, iPhone 14 Pro Max’ 30W charging tech may not seem more than that given that other manufacturers have already moved on with higher speeds in the magnitude of 3 to 5 or more, but it is still the best Apple can do.

Perhaps, the one thing that will work for iPhone 14 series buyers is that there’s no charge in the box. Thus, users can buy a faster PD charger (at least 30W) and tap onto the faster-charging tech on their devices. As per the alleged 30W GaN concerned with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, we aren’t sure exactly when it will arrive.

What do you think about the upcoming iPhone 14 series and the alleged 30W GaN charger? Do let us know in the comments below.

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