Digital Rights Foundation and Beti Partner to Create Safe Spaces Online

The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) and Beti signed an MoU on 26 August to collaborate to fight online misogyny, hate, and abuse.

The MoU was signed by Founder and Executive Director DRF, Nighat Dad, and Founder and CEO Beti, Ramma Cheema, with the vision to create an all-inclusive space online and offline for all via their partnership.

The collaboration is geared towards spreading awareness on the key issues women face online and fostering awareness of the resources that they can avail of when needed.

Accordingly, Beti and DRF will conduct online advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns together to highlight several issues, including online harassment, online safety, and gendered online abuse and misinformation.

Commenting on the partnership, Dad remarked that it is an important step, especially in the current times when women’s vulnerabilities on the internet are growing and they are targeted online just for expressing even a political opinion. She also expressed hope that both Beti and DRF will cooperate in a consolidated way against online misogyny and abuse.

Cheema emphasized that online spaces need to be safe for all, and hopes that the outcomes of the partnership will promote behavioral changes toward females and create awareness about the cause.

About Beti

Beti is a media and advocacy program that focuses on raising awareness and encouraging female-oriented behavioral changes while striving to work for the financial and social elevation and inclusion of women and girls to break barriers and stereotypes.

Initiated by gender equality activist Ramma Cheema in 2019, it essentially advocates against misogynistic behavior towards females and the protection of human rights, and operates to facilitate the eradication of inequality and bias towards women and girls.

About DRF

DRF is a research-based advocacy NGO that supports human rights, democratic processes, and digital governance through information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Its goal is to facilitate a place where all people, and especially women, may safely exercise their right of expression without being threatened. It also aims to strengthen protections for human rights defenders (HRDs), with a focus on women’s rights, in digital spaces. Through its efforts for policy advocacy and digital security awareness-raising, DRF Foundation helps to protect women from work and cyber-harassment.

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Written by Nauman

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