TikTok Unveils the True Colors of Summer with #AyeMausam

TikTok has emerged as a platform that fosters user creativity and provides them with a chance to showcase their skills to the world.

The #AyeMausam challenge was launched by TikTok with the intention of inspiring its users to express their creativity and celebrate this summer by learning about new communities, trying out new recipes, taking up an artistic hobby, travelling to new places, or simply showing off their best summer look.

With over 1.5 million videos that received over a billion views, the campaign witnessed a wide range of content being shared online and brought a number of new stars to the limelight in TikTok’s community of content creators.

The #AyeMausam campaign not only helped the artists showcase their ability, but also raised the bar for local content in general.

The Love for Summer

Phenomenal content was created by TikTok chefs who worked their magic with wholesome food-related content. Our very own @Mehak sheikh got us drooling by sharing quick and simple recipes of crispy fried snacks and refreshing drinks.

Her videos quickly reached thousands of views and we are eager to try out her Cadbury iced latte recipe.

Summers in Pakistan are incomplete without an honorary mention of the ‘King of Fruits’ – mango. The creators made amusing videos related to mango hacks, a variety of delicacies prepared from them and shared them with audiences all over the world.

Khadija managed to encapsulate the sentiment for Pakistani mangoes in the UK in one of her videos. Her explanation video on mango hacks filled overseas Pakistanis with nostalgia, the memories of their homeland and how they would enjoy summer delicacies like mango in the comfort of their homes.

It managed to reach over 25K people on TikTok.

The immense love for mangoes made #MangoMood a top trend on TikTok.

Exploring the Fun Side of Pakistan

The travel enthusiasts on TikTok made the viewers realize how adventurous and full of fun tours can be during the summers. This content creator Sayam Gull Mughal, had a memorable summer outing at Charna Island and shared with his 1.3 million followers the beautiful memories he made over there.

Amtul and Fahad connected the world with Pakistan and the true colours of our culture through their mesmerising videos. People across the world witnessed the rich depths of the land of Sufis and saints of Sindh and the beauty it possesses during the summer season.

From Fashion to Cool Summer Looks

The local fashion content creators saw exponential growth on TikTok as they recorded their artsy skills, and DIY crafts and proved to be fashion icons.

Beauty content creators inspired the world with their fun and top-quality content. Laraib Rahim showed how to welcome summer looks with engaging effects and transitions, while the Lights Lacquer showed the world some amazing nail art for a cool summer look.

Art lovers used their skills and talent to create amusing TikTok clips of painting, embroidery and handmade crafts. This art piece by Salwa Najam connected culture and art with each stroke of the brush.

Another painting enthusiast, Hina, used threads and needles to form beautiful portraits.

All in all, summers in Pakistan are all about celebrating local culture, food, natural beauty, and tourism. We can’t wait to see how the new season inspires our local content creators’ community.

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Written by Nauman

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