You can’t renew or purchase Zomato Pro subscription anymore; Know why

Zomato Pro

Zomato has completely suspended the renewal of its premium subscription Zoamto Pro service in the Indian market. The food ordering platform put a stamp on the update when users started complaining on Twitter that they are not able to renew subscriptions on the application.

According to the Twitter support account of Zomato, the Pro services have been stopped for now. both the Zomato Pro and the Zomato Pro Plus premium subscriptions have been paused on the application.

All the users who tried to renew their Pro membership on Zomato got a message which says, ‘thank you for being a part of the Zomato Pro program. The membership is unavailable for renewal as we working on a new and better experience for you.

We request you to check the Zomato application to stay updated on the latest offerings.’ Until now, the company has not published any specific reason for the pause of the subscriptions.

Zomato is planning to refresh its premium subscription

Zomato has already said that the brand is going to offer a new experience that will roll out for the masses pretty soon. The company has not revealed any details of the same until now. This has not happened for the first time as Zomato previously also paused the subscription in the past.

On top of that, a report also suggested that Zomato is also working on a loyalty programme. The upcoming loyalty programme of the application will be highly dine-in friendly.

The competition of Zomato, I am talking about Swiggy, is offering the Swiggy One membership. It offers multiple discounts on various orders along with free delivery for groceries via Swiggy Instamart and restaurant food orders. Honestly, at this point in time, Zomato should also focus on bringing subscription-based services alongside the loyalty points thing to survive in the market.

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Written by Nauman

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