Apple planning to ramp up production for iPhone 14 series in India

Apple iPhone 14 Series Featured

Chinese Foxconn is a major manufacturing partner for Apple which develops the majority of the iPhones when they release. Perhaps, the upcoming iPhone 14 series won’t be much different, however, it is likely that we will get units made in India post the launch too. This information comes from a report published by Bloomberg according to which, Apple and Foxconn’s manufacturing unit in Chennai is planning to ramp up production of the iPhone 14 series and it will be available much sooner than earlier believed.

iPhone 14 series made in India to arrive sooner

According to the reports, the iPhone 14 series, as usual, will be manufactured in China’s Foxconn unit. However, both Foxconn and Apple are planning to up the production at Foxconn’s Indian plant thereby producing more units post the launch in September. In fact, it is presumed that if everything works as per the plan, Apple will have Indian-made iPhone 14 series models ready by late October or early November this year which is sooner than previous generations.

If you are an Apple fan, you might have come across another Bloomberg report that says Foxconn India is expected to match the throughput of Foxconn China at some point in time. This is true as well although it won’t be static but rather a temporary state where both the plants will have the same units produced for the very first time.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Featured

However, Foxconn still has to figure out a slew of issues, to begin with. The first is the supply chain issue since components are made elsewhere and are shipped to Foxconn’s Chennai plant for manufacturing.

It ignites another issue regarding the upcoming iPhone 14 series i.e. the issue around secrecy. It is not a secret that Apple holds its lips tightly when it comes to keeping its newer (and yet-to-release) models away from prying eyes. Customs officials in India might infringe upon Apple’s stance on secrecy since they might randomly pick open a consignment thereby revealing the yet-to-be-released iPhone 14 series in the wild.

Foxconn India will have to figure out solutions for these issues to help it better its production capacity in the country. For now, Apple is speculated to launch the iPhone 14 series on September 7 followed by shipping on September 16 although it remains to be seen if those dates are true or not.

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