Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat update to bring new legend Crypto

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is soon going to get the Season 3 update on a global level. It has already been confirmed that the update will bring a new legend, Crypto, to the game. Not only this but the update will also have a new POI and some noticeable store changes. The third update of the game has been named Hyperbeat and it will be available for the masses on August 23 at 5:00 PM IST.

Crypto hails as one of the early days’ legends of Apex Legends console version. With the Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat update, the character is going to be part of the smartphone version of the game too. Talking about his abilities, Crypto can gain intel from the surroundings via his drone. In order to use the drone, you have to lose control over Crypto which is a drawback for sure.

Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat update details

Starting off with Crypto, the character will have three different specialities similar to other characters in the game. His passive ability is Neurolink in which he can detect traps and enemies via the surveillance drone for the whole squad within 30 meters range.

His Tactical ability is Surveillance Drone in which he can keep a check on the surrounding with his drone and detect battlefield hazards and enemy squads. The ultimate ability of Crypto is Drone EMP in which the drone sets off an EMP blast that restricts shield damage, slows enemies and disables traps.

Not only this but there will be multiple legend perks in the game too. For example, the self-destruct perk will let the destroyed drones explode after 3 seconds. With the salvage operation perk, you can retrieve items with your drone too. The interrogator per will reveal the location of your target’s squad on the mini-map. Apart from the mentioned ones, Crypto will also have a few more perks.

A new place named Pythas Theatre will be a part of Airbase in King Canyon. The latest update will also have VIP Supply Bins, a new battle pass, a new ranked mode, and a lot more. We can expect a few other elements in the game at the time the update rolls out.

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