PEACE Submarine Cable with 96 TBps Capacity Completed Between Pakistan and France

PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd (PEACE Cable) has completed the construction and laying of PEACE submarine cable infrastructure in Pakistan together with Cyber Internet Services (Cybernet), the leading Internet and data communication network service provider.

The Pakistan-Egypt segment of PEACE has achieved final splicing, thus enabling connectivity from Karachi, Pakistan to Marseille, France ready for service.

The PEACE Pakistan-Egypt segment connects Karachi, Pakistan, and Zafarana, Egypt, spanning a total length of 5,800 km. The landings of Karachi and Zafarana were completed in March and December 2021 respectively.

In addition, the Mediterranean segment of PEACE linking Marseille, France, to Abu Talat, Egypt, a 3,200km long project, has also achieved RFS in March 2022. Therefore, the route from Pakistan to France of the PEACE cable system is now fully constructed well and ready for use.

In 2019, the landing agreement was signed by Cybernet and PEACE Cable. Cybernet, the landing partner of PEACE in Pakistan, has built the country’s state-of-the-art, Cable Landing Station in Karachi, which will allow global carriers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), content providers, and virtually all IT-enabled firms to tap into the submarine cable capacity at easily accessible interconnect points across Pakistan.

Cybernet has the most robust fiber optic network across the country which will also facilitate access and boost business opportunities for PEACE in the Asian region.

Through the deployment of the PEACE submarine cable system, Pakistan will have access to high-speed, large-volume internet bandwidth with express connectivity to France.

With its ultra-low latency design, this cable will reduce latency between Pakistan and France to 92 milliseconds. This will improve the response time of Internet-based applications and the experience of Pakistani users while providing much-needed redundancy to Pakistan’s Internet infrastructure.

The increased capacity will finally make it possible to provide ultra-fast bandwidth connections across Pakistani citizens, with speeds comparable to those in cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York.

The PEACE Cable System, connects Asia, Africa, and Europe, with its stronghold connecting Pakistan, France, Egypt, and Kenya. The whole system deploys a state-of-the-art “system-within-a-system” and adopts advanced ROADM powered by WSS and Flexible Grid, providing PoP to PoP solutions.

PEACE has a capacity of up to 96T for the Pakistan – Egypt segment and 192T in the Mediterranean segment from Egypt connecting to France.

Meanwhile, PEACE is now under construction for the Singapore extension, which will extend the coverage of the PEACE submarine cable system to Southeast Asia and continue to enhance the value of the PEACE cable system’s network resources, forming a major Asia-Europe interconnection channel by connecting Singapore, the Southeast Asian international circuit transfer center, and France, the European transfer center.

“The segment from Pakistan to France has now been built well, which is really a thrilling milestone,” Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE Cable, said. “With Cybernet, we will bring much-needed redundancy to Pakistan’s Internet backbone and provide users with high-speed traffic to meet the rapidly growing demand for internet access in different types of digital scenarios in Pakistan.”

Shoaib Qureshi, Country Manager of PEACE Cable in Pakistan, said, “PEACE is the first international submarine cable starting from Pakistan and reaching Europe, Africa, and Singapore. It is a new beginning of the submarine chapter for the Pakistan market, we are very excited to grow this region’s connectivity.” 

Maroof Ali Shahani, COO of Cybernet, said, “We have completed a key segment of the PEACE submarine cable system, from Pakistan to France, which will have a tremendous impact on the digital landscape in Pakistan.”

He further stated, “Providing an enabling environment for businesses and consumers is at the heart of what we do. The cable system will help the nation stay connected with the world in an ever-changing technological landscape.”

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Written by Nauman

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