WhatsApp Finally Gets Native Windows App With Better Performance

WhatsApp has always been available on desktops, but only as a web app rather than a native Windows app. This is finally changing today as WhatsApp has just launched a dedicated app meant solely for Windows.

The native app no longer uses the old web-based backend. It looks the same as the currently available WhatsApp Desktop app, but it will run faster, use fewer sources, and should also load quicker. It will work the same way as WhatsApp Desktop, letting you keep your chats and calls even if your phone is offline.

WhatsApp is also planning to launch a native app for MacBooks, but it is still under development. It is currently being tested in closed beta and will launch for macOS as a “Universal app”, meaning it will be based on the iPhone version of WhatsApp and will run natively on MacBooks with Apple chips. According to 9to5Mac, the native app for macOS will be a lot faster than the current version.

However, regardless of the platform, you will still need to link the desktop app with your phone. Once the app is linked with your phone, you will be able to send messages and make calls that are protected with end-to-end encryption.

You can use WhatsApp Desktop even if your phone goes offline and you can link up to 4 devices with a single WhatsApp account, but the linked devices will be automatically disconnected if you don’t use your phone within 14 days.

The new WhatsApp Desktop app is available for download on Windows Store. You can read more details on WhatsApp’s FAQ page.

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Written by Nauman

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