Xiaomi to Launch a MacBook Pro Rival and New Smart TVs Soon

Xiaomi has announced a new launch event on August 30 where it plans to launch a top-tier laptop as well as its latest Smart TV lineup. This new laptop will be called the Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G, and it is expected to be a rival to Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Xiaomi has not revealed any details on this upcoming laptop, but a social media post from Xiaomi India shows a glimpse at the notebook.

As shown in the image, the laptop looks almost exactly like Apple’s MacBook Pro. Last year’s Mi NoteBook Pro had an 11th Gen Intel CPU with 65W fast charging, so we can expect the NoteBook Pro 120G to feature a 12th Gen processor with 65W charging. It is unclear what “120G” means, but it might be referring to a 120Hz screen or the notebook’s weight.

Other than that, Xiaomi is also planning to launch the Smart TV X series at the same event. The Chinese brand has not revealed anything yet, but we know these TVs will have 4K screens. Xiaomi already has a few Smart TV X series models in India, but these are part of the Redmi lineup.

Since the new TVs will be part of Xiaomi’s main lineup, we can expect to see high-end features and expensive price tags compared to the Redmi TVs. However, this is only speculation as Xiaomi has not shared anything and there have been no leaks so far.

However, we are still a week away from the official launch, meaning the teaser campaign is going to reveal a few more details over the upcoming days. Stay tuned.

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Written by Nauman

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