Jazz Chooses Juniper Networks to Build Fully-Automated Data Center Infrastructure

Jazz Chooses Juniper Networks to Build Fully-Automated Data Center Infrastructure

Pakistan’s leading digital service provider, Jazz, has announced Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, as its partner in creating a transformative, expanded, and upgraded data center infrastructure for data, music, and video services support.

The network aims to underpin Jazz’s services delivery platform for its 74.9 million subscribers.

With the objective to reimagine its architectural approach by leveraging continuous automation, assurance, and data-driven insights, the partnership will deliver a superior network user experience at scale while simplifying Jazz’s operations.

The new network will support a wide range of customer-facing services that demand reliability and fast data throughput to support a consistently strong user experience.

These include cloud-based enterprise data services, mobile banking, music and video download/streaming services, as well as professional services such as an agricultural application for four million farmers who rely on it for information, advice, and guidance in remote areas.

Jazz will also use the network to power key internal workloads such as CRM and billing.

The network’s initial design is tied to day-to-day operations, enabling a single source of truth throughout its lifecycle. This approach will enable Jazz to operate a much more efficient, reliable, and agile network.

It will help to deploy new service features, optimizing the user experience for both network teams and customers.

Talking about the collaboration, Abdul Rehman Usmani, Vice President of Technology at Jazz, said, “In common with all service providers globally, Jazz faces relentless data demand and heightened expectations for seamless digital services.”

“As a result, we wanted to completely rethink our data center operations, using ground-breaking automation to create the best possible user experiences for our enterprise customers and subscribers.”

“Operational simplicity was another important goal, to deliver cost reductions and improved ease of use for our
technical teams in the face of massive demand at scale. We evaluated multiple vendors, but Juniper’s ability to deliver the exact networking outcomes we needed meant that a highly strategic decision was very straightforward to make,” Usmani further stated.

Sharing his thoughts, Mike Bushong, Vice President, Cloud Ready Data Center at Juniper Networks, said, “The power of automation, bound within a single operational framework thanks to intent-based networking, enables Jazz to address the relevant operational questions, find the right answers quickly and make the best decisions.”

“This means its network becomes a strategic business tool, leveraging data to deliver robust deployment and operational efficiencies and eliminates traditional network constraints that force choices between speed and reliability. Based on data from other Juniper customers, the result will be dramatic savings on downstream costs and tremendous returns on networking investments,” Bushong added.

Being the leading telecom operator in the country, Jazz offers the broadest portfolio of value-added digital services to enterprises and subscribers in Pakistan and has built a reputation for cutting-edge innovation with the ability to scale cloud-based services quickly and reliably.

Following a rigorous vendor-agnostic technology appraisal, focused on the operational and cost efficiencies made possible by network automation, Jazz has selected Juniper’s technology and expertise to underpin this latest project.

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Written by Nauman

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