YouTube Finally Lets You Zoom Into Videos

There are often times when you need to have a closer look at a video. Some apps like Telegram let you do so already, but the lack of zoom on YouTube has been disappointing, especially since it is the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet.

However, the wait is finally over as YouTube has added the new function on its experimental features page. Some YouTube Premium users are now able to pinch and zoom into a video for a better look.

It is only available on the YouTube app for Android, and it is unclear whether it will stay limited to Premium users. It can be found in the Your Premium benefits menu within the profile settings. The GIF below shows what it looks like.

The pinch-to-zoom feature will be up for demonstration until September 1. After that, we expect it to roll out officially or a later launch date will be announced if there are any issues with functionality. We also expect to hear an official announcement on whether it will stay limited to YouTube Premium or not since YouTube has not revealed any details on the matter yet.

Copyright Content

In related news, YouTube is also making it easier for content creators to make money on the platform. The app will soon let you use copyrighted content in your videos, so you can avoid any copyright claims and continue to generate revenue from your videos.

This should be a welcome feature for many since copyright claims have been a long-standing problem on the platform. YouTubers often lose revenue for the entire video even if a small portion of their content has a copyright dispute, but hopefully, the issue should be resolved with the upcoming update.

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Written by Nauman

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