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How to Take a Screenshot on your Android Phone


Here we will tell you easy and a very speedy way to take pics of your display.
Screenshots are handy, You can use them to exhibit your grandparent how to use a new app. You can use them to ship a shot of that a typical error message to your company’s IT department. You can use them to seize tweets — yours or anybody else’s and much more — earlier than they disappear down the deletion black hole forever.

There are two very convenient and easy to use methods to take a screenshot of your Android device’s screen. (We’re assuming your cellphone is loaded with Android 9 or later):


Press and maintain the strength button. You’ll get a pop-out window on the proper facet of your display with icons that let you strength off, restart, name an emergency number, or take a screenshot.
Hold down the switch of a button and press the volume-down button.
Either way, after you’ve taken the screenshot, it will quickly show up as a smaller model and then disappear. A drop-down will quickly show up on pinnacle letting you be aware of that the screenshot is being saved, and then it will be changed through any other drop-down that, if you faucet it, will let you share or delete the screenshot or make some fundamental edits. That container will disappear after a few seconds, however, if you test your top-left notifications bar, you’ll discover one for that screenshot.

Some Android smartphones (for example, sure Samsung and Huawei phones) let you take “long” screenshots, the place you can scroll the display down, and seize the complete page. Check your phone’s help pages if you suppose you would possibly have that. It can be handy.
If you prefer to discover all your previous screenshots:

  • Go to your Photos app
  • Tap on the three parallel strains in the top-left corner
  • Select “Device folders” > “Screenshots”

    Do you need any more assistance? Is it helpful, tell us in the comment section?

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Written by Nauman

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