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Windows 10X features and details | Microsoft’s new OS

Windows 10X features and details | Microsoft’s new OS

Microsoft just releases its new Operating System for dual-screen devices. This OS is already been installed on a Surface Go and MacBook. A developer has installed this new Windows 10X on a Mackbook, which shows that the OS runs very well with advanced GUI and much more.

Windows 10X Features

Actually the software is designed for dual-screen devices but it is firstly tested on MacBook. The new Microsoft OS splits MacBook screen into two-screen so apps run on either side. You can see many advanced changes in new Windows 10X but the biggest change found in the Start menu. This time windows doesn’t include the animated Live Tiles found on Windows 10.

window 10x

This new windows also comes with amazing dark mode feature, you can now enjoy real dark mode experience in your dual-screen devices. Steve Troughton in his tweet tells that- “New Windows 10X in its dark mode looks likes an old Windows phone. And it looks that there is no difference between them.”

The Windows 10X start menu includes a list of recent documents, and also web content. Windows 10X also support basic voice support. You can also use multiple apps on your dual screen. Drag any of the apps across the two displays with a mouse or touch to have fully stretched across the dual-screen. This time New OS also uses gestures for Multitasking, few of them are looks similar to existing Windows 10 and Windows 8 gestures.

new window

From the taskbar, you can also quickly access settings like- Volume, brightness, Bluetooth, rotation, lock and more. Windows 10X also saves your console battery life, it contains isolated applications in a container that will improve your battery life. This new windows also provides security, when you install any application it won’t be able to mess with your windows system files. This provides better protection and also reduce crashes.




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