Google leaks some features of new Android 11

android 11

The new Android 11 will be launch in min-2020, before being released for Pixel devices around September, and then used by other Android devices. This one is a very powerful OS and will come with many new and upgraded features. Google reveals some of the main features of its newest OS.

Android 11 features

One of the biggest features is that now you will be able to record videos over 4GB size. This one is crazy news for photographers. This feature will be found only in those devices which will come with new Snapdragon 865 and above and will have Android 11.


Other features include improving dark mode, in Android 10 there is a lot of problems with this dark mode. But in the next version of Android, you can easily use this feature. But now many apps have their own dark mode feature. The developer needs to make such a dark mode feature that will activate on a whole smartphone.

The developer also tries to make a new NFC file-sharing alternative, so that you can easily share videos, photos, music or any other file just by pressing the phones against each other. At the moment it can be quite a hassle to use a specific app to do so. Apple’s Airdrop is a useful feature that has no equivalent in Android.

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