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New Lenovo smart display 7 launched in very cheap price

Lenovo smart display 7

New Lenovo Smart Display 7 is finally available and the company is selling it exclusively in B&H for a discount price. And Lenovo was the first company to built a first Google Assistant-powered smart display. The device is a very beautiful display and has a pair of smart Tab tablets that run Android.

Lenovo Display 7 has a very unique design, but the same feature as the 8- and 10-inch models have, including a built-in video camera. The device will show extra information after you ask certain questions. You can get a very beautiful display because of RGB sensors.

The Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera, but the Lenovo Smart Display 7 has. You can use it for video chatting and for the physical shutter over the lens for your privacy protection. This the company also improves sound quality, so that the user will be able to listen to the clear voice of Google Assistant, and now the speakers are on the bottom instead of one side.

Exclusive offer for Lenovo Display 7

The actual price of this device is $129, but right now you can get this device only in $99. This offer is for a limited time. The company will also give its customers a free Lenovo Wi-Fi smart plug. So you can save $60 on this exclusive deal.

Main Features

  • 7-inch IPS 1024*600 panel
  • 1.5GHz Media Tek 8167S SoC
  • 1.5″ 5W speakers
  • 2MP camera and 5MP shooter cam

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