WhatsApp next update new features are quit interesting

WhatsApp next update

WhatsApp now becomes the topmost messaging app around the world, and now everyone who has a smartphone use WhatsApp. The company has added many new and amazing features in this app. While Facebook has owned WhatsApp for quite some time now, it adds many new changes in WhatsApp which really surprise its all users. Now WhatsApp next update will come in a few days, and we have listened that this time the company is going to include many new crazy features.

Now you can see there are many such features in Whatsapp which are similar to Facebook features. One of the major features which the company added in Whatsapp is status sharing feature, you can add your story to WhatsApp like that of facebook which will appear for the next 24 hours.

WhatsApp next update new features

WhatsApp’s next update features are quite interesting. We briefly describe all these features.

Block contact notice: When you block someone or unblock them, you would get some kind of a message that would be used as a notification that you have performed this one action. Now in a new update only you would be able to see that notification, and the person who is blocked by you would not be able to see this notification.

Dark Mode: Like other social apps WhatsApp is also planning to launch its own dark mode. And I think dark mode for WhatsApp is much important because many people use this app for a long time at night, and dark mode protects their eyes from harmful blue light. WhatsApp calls its dark mode as ” WhatsApp night mode”.

QR Code: In the next update, every user will have their own specific QR code which can be scanned by others to add them to their own phone contacts. Now you can easily add contacts to your WhatsApp.

Contact sorting: Now the app will automatically sort your contact according to the frequency of your attraction with them.

How can you enable WhatsApp dark mode

Enable your WhatsApp fingerprint lock

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