How to enable dark mode for Gmail

dark mode for gmail

The dark mode is spreading rapidly in many daily using apps. After twitter, messenger and Instagram now dark mode is also available for Gmail. This dark mode for Gmail is available both on smartphones and PCs.

There are many advantages to use dark mode, one of Google’s research says that darker pixels take considerably less power as compare to whiter mode. If you spend a lot of time on this app then this dark mode will help you extend your device’s battery life. And if you are using this app at night then you can easily read your text by enabling this mode.

How to enable dark mode for Gmail on Android

To enable dark mode for Gmail on Android firstly you must have the latest version of Gmail on your device. Now follow these steps to enable dark mode for Gmail.

  • Tap menu option from Top left and scrolling down towards settings.
  • Tap ‘settings’ then ‘General Settings’.
  • Now you have choices to select a light theme, dark theme to the system default.

If you are using a low version of Android then you can’t use the dark mode for the Gmail app. But you can use it by opening your Gmail in chrome browser.

How to enable dark mode for Gmail in PCs

  • Go to and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Themes’ from the top right corner below your profile picture.
  • There are various themes available click black one to enable dark mode.

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