Artificial intelligence in medical field analyze millions of effective cell

Artificial intelligence in medical field

Artificial intelligence in the medical field has increased awareness and discovers such devices which can analyze millions of effective cell and in the human body. And exactly treat these targeted cells, now treatments of breast cancer and tumor become easy.

Artificial intelligence in medical feild

Artificial Intelligence in Medical field

As you know technology has increased awareness among human beings. Now with the help of technology, everything becomes less complicated. You will get out of the house daily and you can observe the environment around you, in all aspects of life you get to see a lot of technological inventions.

Especial from the last previous years Artificial intelligence is most famous and is a very amazing thing it is just like a magical technology. And it has many benefits for humans, especially it brought a revolution in the health care field. Scientists used a complex algorithm and software to estimate human cognition in the analysis of complicated medical data.

And Artificial intelligence has the only ability for computer algorithms to approximate a conclusion without direct human input. In order to reduce the margin of errors, scientists tested AI algorithms repeatedly. The major aim of AI applications in the medical field is to analyze the relationship between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes.

Examples of AI in healthcare

Now, AI plays a great roll in medicine. whether we realize it or not. Medical records are digitized, appointments can e scheduled online, patients can check into hospitals or clinics using their phones or computers. Here are some examples:

  • DSS(Decision Support System), when given a set of symptoms it, in turn, gives us a list of possible diagnoses.
  • Scientists use AI devices to analyze millions of calls from breast cancer tissue of 140 tumors.
  • Germwatcher is designed, which detect and track infections in hospitalized patients.
  • Now instrumental surgical operations are replaced by the Robotic surgical system. This allows doctors to precision surgery that would not be possible with an entirely manual approach.
  • AI therapy is an online course for people struggling with anxiety.
  • Similarly, an application introduces recently in the UK, with the help of which patients can book appointments and routine tests, and also consults with a doctor online, can take advise, monitor their health, etc.

The process of such invention has increased day by day, and it is very beneficial for humans. According to Bertalan Mesko(Ph.D.) medical science, “AI will most likely help healthcare move from traditional, ‘one-size-fits’ medical solutions towards targeted treatments, personalized therapies, and uniquely composed drugs.”

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