2 Bug in a Facebook messaging app designed for children

Facebook messaging app

Many risks and security problems increase on social media day by day, and this is very harmful to children to avoid this facebook introduces new facebook messaging app for children under 13 years old.

An error in the Facebook messaging app designed for kids

This app allows kids to chat online with people, this gives parents control over who their kid’s text and video chat online. But some error in this software lets a contact approved to chat with one child talk to another without the approval of second’s child’s parents.

Facebook said in his statement that “We turn off affected chats and provided parents with additional resources on messenger kids and online safety.”

The error is that when a child is a part of a group chat, suddenly a breakdown in parental control occurs. Another bug in the app, which allows all group members to chat with each other whether approved by parents not.

Now Facebook includes links to the FAQ for the app and feedback page. This really creates simplicity for parents, now they easily ask any questions related to this facebook messaging app. And also give feedback.

Facebook messaging app

Who Observe this bug?

This bug in the facebook messaging app is observed by Lorrie Faith Cranor she is a director of the Cylab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

She says to TechNewsWorld, “it’s a problem with access control. Access control can be really hard. A lot of companies get it wrong in may ways, and this is just latest example of how they were not careful with their access control. We see it all the time in the corporate world where the wrong people have access to something they should not have access to because it’s hard to do access control correctly.”

Facebook may have been giving parents a false sense of security with that messaging app. Cranor said. “It is pretty much difficult to shield your child from everything that is bad on the internet. Even if you stop them from doing this they go to their friend’s house and be exposed to stuff. Parents need to not assume they are going to able to 100 percent shield their kids from stuff they don’t want them to see on the internet.”

Complaints of parents

Some parents in US complaint against this messaging app, they said that this messaging app for kids violated the federal children’s online protection Act. The Facebook app collected personal information from children as young as five without obtaining verifiable parental consent and failed to provide parents with a reliale platform for their kids.

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