Artificial intelligence introduces robot cars

robots car

Artificial intelligence transforming the world day by day, now due to artificial intelligence latest advanced self-driving cars(robot cars) are introduced. Now cars are transforming into friendly robots.

In Las Vegas tech fest, which took in January, give an idea on the future for automotive Vehicles. Some say it is overhyped but self-driving technology has become one of the main draws of CES in just a few years. Different organizers in this event said that it is the largest auto show out here and this year around 170 exhibitors came to check their self-driving know-how, which ranged from connected cars right down to futuristic concept Vehicles.

Philosophy OF Robot cars

There are very strong and difficult concepts behind these autonomous cars. Self-driving technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. According to Tigran Shaverdyan, one of the inventors of a self-driving van that launched at CES 2019, “It is still very difficult to create an algorithm that would enable a self-driving car to choose the right option in an unlikely way. It is the ‘Chicken crossing the road’ quandary.”

But special thanks to IEC which tries to change the land for increasing use of AI technology. Due to this artificial intelligence and complex analytics algorithm, the unbelievable dream of self-driving vehicles has come true.

Disadvantages Of Robot Vehicles

But there is no guaranty of safety in these autonomous cars because the machine can be made bad anytime, although with the passage of time they will become safe and everyone wants to ride in them.

And these vehicles are the enemies of millions of drivers jobs. In New York, cab driver Sohail Rana, a member of the Independent Drivers Guild, is certain the robots are coming and that in a way they are already here. Ride-sharing companies like Uber have already owned such vehicles and destroyed the life hood of many drivers, he says. The next revolution of technology will e devastating, he predicts: “it is round the corner. And it’s going to take millions of jobs. The tech companies are not good for us, we have to start thinking about this now.”


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