Now you can enjoy 5G internet speed

Now you can enjoy 5G internet speed

5G is the fifth generation of internet technology. Firstly it was launched in Chicago and Minneapolis by Verizon. But it comes around the whole US by 2020, estimate says that by 2020 up to 32 percent of North America Mobile connections will be on 5G networks. And you can download HD movies in a few seconds.

Although 5G broadband internet from Verizon, C spire and starry is currently available at some locations. And Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile have mobile 5G services for selected customers at certain places.

Latest 5G Mobiles

Verizon was the first company who launched the first 5G mobile phone. After that many mobile companies launched 5g mobile devices like; Samsung launched Samsung galaxy s10 5G,Huawei, Mate XLG v50, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, One plus 7 pro, oppo reno 5G, Motorola Moto Z4are the most famous 5G mobile devices.

What is the speed of 5G Networks?

Now, this is really one of the more interesting questions, what is 5G speed?

So, about an estimate, it is two times faster to your 4G internet speed, you can download lengthy movies, videos, and games in a few minutes or seconds.

But some experts also said that 3gpp 5G network speed is slower than some advanced level 4G network. Now it quite bad sound to hear. This is because LAA(License Assisted Access) has not yet been demonstrated in 5G networks, on the other hand by adding LAA to existing 4G networks increases its speed to hundreds of megabytes per second.

Latency in 5G network

Everything has some defects, similarly, there is some latency issue in 5G networks in some areas.

In 5G air latency target is 1-4 milliseconds, but it shows the latency of 8-12 milliseconds. The latency to the server must e added to the air latency.

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