WhatsApp new feature is quit interesting

whatsapp new feature

WhatsApp is going to making better progress after becoming the property of Facebook. WhatsApp includes many new and amazing features in the last few months, which really amazed everyone. This week WhatsApp includes a new feature of sharing stories to Facebook stories.

The new story-sharing feature in WhatsApp

This new feature will obviously help people to create a better social community. In addition to pictures, you can also share videos, just like Instagram. And your story will disappear in 24 hours like Instagram and Facebook stories. WhatsApp is not made any announcement yet about this new feature but different tech news sites and other resources tell about this feature on twitter.

The new WhatsApp update allows you to share your story on facebook directly.”

“WhatsApp new feature is very interesting, now I can share my WhatsApp story on the Facebook story with one tab.”

WhatsApp improvement

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that there is they will add more new features in WhatsApp to make it the world’s best social media platform. There is also a chance of including one more new feature of sharing your story on Instagram. One thing we notice about WhatsApp, that its users are rapidly increasing day by day because it provides an easy interface and option that everyone can use it.

Do you know how many active users of WhatsApp are? WhatsApp monthly active users are exceeded from 1.5 billion, so it quite big amount and this is more than Instagram users. By 2020 WhatsApp monthly users will increase from 2.6 billion. Now Mark plans to combine Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to make a big social media platform. This app may name as Thread. This app will have very amazing features, and this is going to become the most powerful and leading social media platform by 2021.

Read more exciting news about Thread.



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