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Huawei can’t launch his Harmony OS phone this year

Huawei can’t launch his Harmony OS  phone this year

Huawei has no plan yet to launch his new Harmony OS phone in the Market.

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According to Vincent Yang(Huawei senior Vice President), “It has no plans to launch a Harmony OS smartphone. We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem.” However, the company is launching Harmony OS in other smart-screen devices like smart-watches, television. These smart-screen products are arriving at the market before the end of 2019.

Unfortunately, the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro is also run Android. These things are happening due to Huawei’s ban in the US. If the ban were to be enforced, Huawei would switch to Harmony on its phones. Yang said,” It was unlikely Huawei would launch a Harmony-powered phone, things could change if the ban is upheld.”

Huawei Harmony OS faces some problems

Also, Huawei needs more time to enhance its new OS. There are many reasons that Harmony OS phones are not launches this year. Firstly Harmony OS is not compatible with Android because you know there are over 2M apps on Android play store. It would need a great challenge to convince app developers to port their app from Android to Harmony and keep them updated. This is a very difficult and time taking task for Huawei app developers.

Secondly, Switching OS is also a very difficult task in nowadays because previous mobile OS may store your personal online passwords, your personal data, credit card details, and much more. So switching all this information from one OS to another OS is also very difficult.

Another difficulty faces Harmoy OS trade ban on Huawei in Us issue. This means that most useful apps like Facebook, Uber, Amazin, Paypal, eBay, and some other apps cannot be switch on other OS without a special license. So, this is also a very difficult challenge for new Huawei’s OS. Also, there is a risk of privacy and data protection in switching OS.

Despite these challenges, Huawei’s Harmony OS developers are working very hard, and they believe that they will launch their new OS before the mid of next year.


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