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    Best SMS Apps For Android Phones With Tons of Features

    Pulse SMS

    That was the good old time once we utilize to send text messages through SMS, but today this place is virtually obtained from other messenger apps on which you can talk with the help of the internet. Apps like Whatsapp & We chat completely replaced the text messages, today we discuss and share important things […] More

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    Disney+ Surpasses 50 Million subscribers

    Disney+ surfaced in November 2019, and just five months that the streaming platform was able to gather 50 million paying subscribers, the business revealed. It’s presently available in a dozen of countries and markets, including India, which singlehandedly added 8M into the equation. More

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    Facebook introduced “Quiet Mode” so you can Pause Notifications

    Facebook Quite Mode

    Facebook recognizes that it is important to take a break from social media not just for spending some time with family or productivity, but also for mental health. Because of this, it’s added a new”Quiet Mode” timer to help curb your time on the Facebook app. Allowing Quiet Mode will mute notifications for the time […] More

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    Best iPhone Games in April 2020

    There’s nothing more satisfying than rolling up on the couch, wrap yourself in a blanket, and diving right into a match on your smartphone. There’s something romantic about creating your very own little cocoon, secure from the outside world. While gaming phones are picking up steam, there is no better phone to purchase than the […] More

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    Samsung Patents a New all 4 Edges Curved Display Technology

    New 4 Edge Samsung Phone

    Samsung was one of the very first smartphone manufacturers to embrace a curved screen with its Galaxy lineup. Since that time, various other OEMs also have contained the tech, but it seems like Samsung plans on carrying it a move further with its new patent. The newest patent from Samsung reveals a new display technology, […] More

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    How to Find your Saved Passwords on Chrome Browser on Android?

    How To Find Password on Chrome

    Android is the largest smartphone ecosystem utilized on more than two billion devices across the world. Google has crafted distinct Android versions for TVs, Wearables, and other IoT apparatus. There are various advantages of utilizing Android apart from its accessibility with affordable devices. The Majority of the useful apps on Android devices are built by […] More

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    Haylou Solar Smart Watch is not solar-powered, but with a 30-day battery life

    Haylou Solar Smart Watch

    Haylou (cited as”Hello”) is among the first companies under Xiaomi’s ecosystem. Launched in 2015, the company was initially famous for its audio products, including TWS earbuds. But, it wasn’t trendy until it announced its very first” smartwatch” — the Haylou LS01 — which costs just ¥99 (~$14). The Chinese company is back with another smartwatch […] More

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    How to Make Money Online on Youtube

    how to make money on youtube

    YouTube stars are today’s self-made actors –those who have earned a viewer by creating content geared toward educating, reviewing, entertaining, and being Top Viewed on the internet. Most of these internet celebs do what they do only to get it done, to scratch an itch for producing items, and to be in front of an […] More

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    Apple’s upcoming entry-level phone to be called iPhone SE

    Apples Upcoming Iphone SE

    Apple’s long-anticipated entry-level iPhone tipped to establish as the iPhone 9 might come with a different name according to the most recent rumors. A report obtained by 9to5Mac claims the official marketing name for the new apparatus will only be iPhone SE using Apple referencing it as the 2020 variant. That is, clearly, a nod […] More

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